Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helvetica Review

Do you think the Helvetica typeface is good or bad? Why?
I like Helvetica typeface. I think it is very interesting and when I see the font of restaurant or clothes store. I see the unique characteristics of variety font. I didn’t know what Helvetica is until I watched the movie. When I walk on the street I noticed Helvetica typeface is all around me. I felt that this is very interesting that I know something about Helvetica and I can see each font’s characteristics. In my opinion, Helvetica can show individual person’s feelings by using typeface.
Who was your favorite type or graphic designer interviewed in the movie, and why?
I like David Carson. His interview was interesting and he seemed to respect Helvetica. I really liked about he uses typeface depends on emotion so, people can tell whatever fonts are representing.
Write a one or two paragraph review of the movie
Personally, I really liked this movie. I am not that good at art or graphic design but, through this movie I learned more about graphic design can represent emotions or whoever designer wants to say. After the movie, I noticed Helvetica is all around me and I just think that it is amazing.

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  1. i liked david carson, too :)

    i didn't realize how much it's used and now notice it everywhere also!