Monday, January 24, 2011

Assignment #7

1.    The Thames at Westminster (Westminster Bridge)
·    In my opinion, Monet used limited color in this image.
·    I think he used analogous color schemes also, he used monochromatic which is the color mixtures of white, black and one hue.
·    This image gives me feel like lonely, sad, and I picture of myself in deep thinking time. I think it is because he used vibrant color. I see gray, white, black, and dark green colors in this image.

2.    Houses of Parliament, London, Sun Breaking Through the Fog
·     He used broad colors in this image.
·     I think he used tetradic color scheme, in this image rich color scheme offers plenty of possibilities for variation.
·     When I first saw this picture, I thought of the movie named the lord of the rings. I remember the main character tried to rid of the ring in this kind of same picture scene. I feel nervousness, scariness. I see the top and bottom as fire because the color red, orange, and yellow mix also, I see purple and dark blue.

3.    Le Parlement, Effet de Brouillard
·   I see this picture as same as first one. I think he used limited color.
·    He used analogous color schemes in this image. This schemes are often found in nature and are harmonious and pleasing to the eye.
·    I see black, white, and grey. This picture gives me feel peaceful and comfortable. In the lake, two men are fishing peacefully.

4.    Houses of Parliament, London
·    This image looks he used limited color for sec but, few more seconds later I found out he used broad color in this picture.
·    I am not sure what scheme he used in this picture, but I can see colors here as yellow, green, purple, white, and light red. I think this picture mixed well with warm and cool colors.
·   This picture gives me feel anxious, scary, and I feel storm is coming soon. So I would say this particular picture gives me uncomfortable feeling.

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