Thursday, January 20, 2011


I truly enjoyed this assignment. I found out more about myself by taking the personality test. Also, I had a chance to ask myself, “What kind of personality do I have?”, “Does this test result represent me?”, “Am I being myself all of the time?” I looked at the test results and compared. The answer was simple. I am being Sunny all of the time. Sometimes, I think of my ideal personality and try to be like that person. But, I noticed that it’s a lie to me and my friends. I want to be the person who can make any persons day a happy day. Through this personality test, I have found to like myself more and accept me as the Sunny that I am. I sometimes dream of myself working in a human society. I think my working style would be with two or three people and we would cooperate with each other very well. I heard many people that nursing job is very stressful and hard job but, now that I have confidence in personality and try to be always optimistic. I am sure this will help me to live in nursing field. I will keep trying to become loving and care person so I can become a SunnySunshine nurse to every patients. This assignment is a great opportunity to consider for a better future and I am glad that I can share this with my classmates.

HAHAHA sunny..


  1. I wish you all the best. Everybody needs a little sunshine in their lives, especially after an injury or illness.

  2. i'm glad you enjoyed this assignment, i did too!