Wednesday, January 12, 2011


-Reaching my Goal-

When I graduate from college, I would like to become a nurse—more specifically an anesthetist. Becoming an anesthetist is my goal and my ideal job out of college, but before that I will have to become a registered nurse first and have two years of experience as an RN before applying to become an anesthetist. I love helping people and furthermore, I want to go to other countries to do missionary work and help children and sick people in third world countries to have better access to health resources such as vaccines and health education. I like working with other people, so becoming a nurse would fit my personality and I would have a lot of opportunity to work with patients, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. In this line of work, I would have to follow the doctor’s orders, so this would be executing the design of others. I really do not care about the salary because I love helping people, but I would accept a competitive starting wage. Being a nurse is not currently heavily computer-based, but it may become that way in the future with up and coming technology such as using touch screen tablet for patient charts.  Nurses usually work in hospitals or nursing homes, so this could be agency or corporate employment. I heard that Washington State does not have any programs to train anesthetists, so I may have to go to graduate school out of state. I am already employed as a nursing assistant and I am volunteering at the University of Washington Medical Center, which is actively preparing me to reach my goal.


  1. you have a really specific plan for your career!! I hope you become a great anesthetist.:)

  2. That's so neat that you want to do medical missionary work and help people over seas! God bless your endeavors :)

  3. no anesthesiologist training programs in Washington state?? sounds odd.