Thursday, January 20, 2011


I interviewed with Judit Wallace. I met her here in Lake Washington Technical College through tutoring program. I did math tutor for her and got know her, I found out she is a RN nurse. She is taking some classes to get bachelor. It was pleasure to meet her and I’m so glad that I had chance to interview with who has my ideal job.
Here are questions I asked her and she emailed to me.
1. How do you like your job?
I work in a sub-acute rehabilitation center, and I really enjoy working with patient recovering after total knee and hip replacement, or after open heart surgery.

2. What were your qualifications towards getting the job?
I had previous nursing experience as an LPN, and I received great training from leading hospitals as a student RN.

3. What training do you need to maintain your job?
We have monthly in services to cover new subjects on patient care issues, and changing protocols, as well as new medications and regulations. Also to keep the license active we need to have certain number of CE credits.

5. What are the pros and cons?
I like primary care nursing that offers more personalized care with the patient. Follow up on their recovery, direct contact with patient and with their family. They usually spend 2-8 weeks recovering. The cons, I would rather work 12Hr. shift, instead of my 8Hr, benefits could be better.

6. What some industry changes you are seeing?
Nurses need higher education and more experience, not like in the past, to find a good job, and good luck get into acute care hospital.

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  1. fascinating. I deeply respect nurses and say we need more of them. Cool picture BTW.

  2. i agree with the changes judit sees, experience is key.... and continuing education can make for a great nurse :)